A list of all the shops featured on the site:


Abundance Community by Ash Cash Exantus | “Unlock the motivation, accountability, and knowledge you need to reach new levels of financial success… And live your best life all thanks to ONE life-changing community!”

Bankroll Summit by Steven M. Hughs of Know Money® | Bankroll Summit is a FREE one-day financial literacy conference helping college students across the southeast build better relationships with money. 100% of merchandise proceeds help fund the conference.

Bitches Get Riches by Kitty & Piggy | “Finance. Feminism. No f*cks given.”

Budgets Are Sexy by J. Money | “Money | Minimalism | Mohawks”

Black Market Exchange by Dr. Eric Patrick aka The Hip-Hop Stock Doc |  “Where music, money, and merch meet”

BlasianWorld by Jason | “We create & sale dope T-shirts!”

BuildingBread by Kevin L. Matthews II | “I help people just like you figure out what to invest in & where to start by using my simple step-by-step process.”

Esskay Designs by Accidental FIRE | “You have it together, you’re investing wisely and getting closer to financial independence every day. Show the world that you’ve chosen to live differently, and on your own terms!”

Financial Common Cents by Shante Nicole | “Education…Restoration…Liberation – Providing educational tools to assist individuals with practicing better financial habits, with a focus on budgeting, saving, debt management, and rebuilding and repairing your credit… using Financial Common Cents”

Her First $100k by Tori Dunlap | Show off your love for financial feminism and smashing the patriarchy with this signature line from your favorite feminist money speaker and coach.

Investing Latina by Jully-Alma Taveras | An online community for financially powerful women.

Melanin Money by George Acheampong | On a mission to help 100,000 people of color invest their first $1,000 in the stock market. Purchasing a product from their store helps create awareness about the movement while supporting a black-owned business in the process.

MMC Apparel by Jason Butler of My Money Chronicles | “Blogger & Side Hustler paying off debt.”

Mrs. Dow Jones aka Haley Sacks | Disrupting Wall Street by making keeping up with the Dow Joneses as fun as Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Playing With FIRE by Scott Rieckens and Team | A documentary on the FIRE movement, along with companion site full of financial resources (and merch). A portion of all proceeds to be donated to the ChooseFI Foundation.

Rochelle Adamson | A budgeter who loves to travel. A traveler who loves to budget. With 10+ years of budgeting experience, Rochelle shares what she’s learned to help get others’ budgets on the path to success.

SimpleOrBustStudio by Regina AKA That Frugal Pharmacist | A blog about motherhood, money, professional life and holistic financial health.

Statement Cards by Stefanie OConnell Rodriguez | “Statement Cards is dedicated to celebrating women’s ambitions and milestones beyond marriage and motherhood.  We believe in recognizing women, not only for their value in relation to others, but also, for their own achievements and successes.”

The Finance Bar by Marsha Barnes | “A personal finance suite helping women and couples achieve financial wellness through financial therapy, education, and an innovative learning hub on wheels.”