One-on-One with George Acheampong of Melanin Money

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Excited to share this one-on-one I did recently with George Acheampong, founder of one of the best apparel lines in the financial industry right now: Melanin Money.

A financial advisor, coach, speaker and entrepreneur, we get into what inspired him to launch this epic endeavor, and how he’s doing so far on his ultimate mission of helping 100,000 people of color invest their first $1,000.

Oh, and he shares some tips on fashion and simple workout routines too 😉

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

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J$: Hey dude! So as you know, I’m a big fan of what you’ve created with Melanin Money – the branding, the vibes, and most especially the message. What inspired you to get this out into the world?

Being in the financial industry for over 7 years at the time, like many, I saw a major gap in representation in the space and so many people who were afraid to invest. I wanted to create a movement catered towards people of color that felt tangible and something that was possible for them.

J$: Do you have any background in design or merchandising, or is it just an extension of how stylish YOU are naturally? (Almost all of the pics of you on the ‘net look like they come out of GQ magazine, lol…)

I would say it is just an extension of my style 🙂 Thank you for the compliment! I have always been into fashion, so the merch side of the movement was a perfect fit.

J$: Speaking of style, any quick tips for us who desire to look a little more smooth in our daily lives? Outside of rockin’ Melanin, of course?

So it really comes down to pushing boundaries and getting out your comfort zone. One easy way is to buy a pair of shoes with funky colors so you are forced to try and find some cool things to match it. Be original and have fun with your style.

george acheampong fly

J$: You’re on a mission to help 100,000 people of color invest their first $1,000 in the stock market. Where are you in this audacious goal so far?

So far we have helped people invest over $15 million in the stock market.

J$: For anyone reading this who would love to take you up on this $1,000 challenge – what’s the best way for them to get started?

Visit and select the “Become an Investor” option.

*CapitalWize is the financial planning firm George helped co-found and now runs

J$: How long did it take you to invest your first $1,000? How long will it take you to invest your next $1,000?

I have been in to personal finance for over 20 years, and 10 years as a professional. I wanted to walk the walk early, so it took me just a few months into my career to invest my first thousand. I invest every month now, so my next thousand will be this month!

J$: You’ve got “Billionaire” in most of your apparel which I LOVE because it’s super empowering, and of course rolls off the tongue nicely with “black” and “brilliant”. Will this theme carry into future collections of yours, or will you focus on other themes as you continue pushing them out? (And more specifically – will there be anything us non-melanin toned folks could get away with wearing? :))

Absolutely. We have over 4 new designs we plan to release this year, with 3 of them being more centered around general investment and wealth building awareness.

black brilliant billionaire models

J$: On top of leading this movement you’re also a financial advisor, coach, speaker AND entrepreneur. How the hell do you pull this off without hustling yourself to death? (Or are you hustling yourself to death?)

I do work very hard, but I also have a small team. Every week I am diligently working to identify what can be completely delegated and streamlined further. By Q2 of 2021 my goal is to own everything, but focus most of my time working on the business instead of in it. It’s tough work, but I love it.

J$: It’s pretty hard not to notice those arms popping through those shirts… Any favorite workouts or routines you like and recommend?

Haha! Thanks! I like to keep it simple. Most of my workouts involve compound movements, but once a week at the end of my workout I burn out with 100 straight bar bicep curls and 100 tricep extensions with the cable. Big burn!

george acheampong muscles

J$: Lastly, I heard you enjoy collecting art. What are one or two of your favorite things you recently picked up?

I have these two large pieces from an artist named David Ballam who is a South African photographer. We got two of his prints framed in really large prints hanging in our living room.


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For more on George and his projects, visit:


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